Zombie II 10" Vinyl EP + Ticket

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Please note that this vinyl is a preorder with an estimated ship date of May 21, 2021

Buyers will receive a copy of Zombie II EP 10" Vinyl on their chosen color, along with a ticket for TDWP's Undeadstream, and a digital download of ZII EP. 

The ZII 10" Vinyl EP will be packaged with a deluxe 12 panel gatefold booklet featuring photos and lyrics.

Tickets for the Undeadstream will be delivered via email three hours before the start of the event on May 15, 2021. Have questions on how the Undeadstream works? Check out the UNDEADSTREAM FAQ

Digital downloads of the EP will be delivered via email on May 21, 2021.

Zombie II EP 10" Vinyl - First Press Info
- Midnight (Black) - 500
- Apocalypse (Splatter) - 500
- Virus (Green/White) - 500
- Awakening (Pink/Clear) - 500

Track Listing:
1) Nightfall
2) Forlorn
3) Termination
4) Nora
5) Contagion