Q: I bought some merch items, and have some questions. Who can I email?

A: info@merchconnection.com


Q: When will my merch items ship?

A: Merch orders will ship on or around May 14, 2021. Orders containing vinyl may ship later depending on when the vinyl actually arrives to our warehouse.


Q: Can I exchange or return a merch item that I purchased?

A: Being how all merch items are being made based on orders received during the sales period, we are not offering returns or exchanges. There will not be extra stock of these items to facilitate size changes or otherwise.


Q: Can I purchase multiple tickets?

A: Yes. Unique access codes will be sent out in individual emails to the email address used to purchase the tickets. The purchaser can then distribute those unique access codes to the other ticket recipients.


Q: I received my confirmation email, but I don’t know how to access the show?

A: You will be sent a unique access code from "LiveFrom Media" along with a link to view the show via email. The access email will be sent out no later than 3 hours in advance of the start of the show.


Q: The show is less than 3 hours away, and I haven’t received my access code in email

A: First, please check your spam/junk mailbox. If you still cannot find it, email customer service at info@merchconnectioninc.com as soon as possible with your order number and email used to purchase the ticket so we can get you the code and link before the show starts.


Q: If I am unable to watch the live show, can I watch it on video on demand?

A: Yes. Tickets are valid for both the live show and the video on demand. The livestream will be available on demand within a day of the event, and will be available for 48 hours thereafter.


Q: Do I need to purchase a new ticket for the video on demand?

A: Previously purchased tickets for the live show include the video on demand, and new tickets will still be available for purchase during the video on demand window.


Q: Can I watch the video on demand multiple times?

A: Yes. Your ticket allows you to view the concert as many times as you’d like during the 48-hour video on demand period.


Q: I missed the live show and/or the video on demand period, can I still have access to the show?

A: After the 48-hour video on demand period, the show will no longer be available. The video on demand period is set by the artist and cannot be extended. Refunds will not be available for those that miss the live show and/or the on demand viewing period.


Q: Is the show downloadable?

A: No